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About Me

I grew up in a small town in Michigan. From early on, my creativity and imagination ran rampant. I loved to draw, color, sing, write and act. My imagination offered me many adventures; from being an indian squaw to one of the Wondertwins. As I got older however, I leaned more toward pretending I was a spy or finding ways to avoid being kidnapped or captured. A lone car following ours in the night became an enemy trailing me, and I would duck my head down in the back seat until they passed. I would then silently celebrate my brilliance in evading their evil clutches.

I've loved mysteries and suspense ever since. While reading Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, or Nancy Drew, I would rack my brain to solve the whodunits. On TV, it was The Hardy Boys (and not just to ogle Parker Stevenson), Perry Mason, and later Murder She Wrote and others. I'd pat myself on the back each time I successfully named the killer (though, to be honest, sometimes it was as easy as reading the list of guest stars).

It was only natural then that I would write mysteries. The problem was, I'd get about 20 pages into a story and lose my momentum, unsure as to how I would get from the murder to the solution. So, I'd put each book away, and start on another. I have the beginnings of over 20 stories filed away in a drawer.

Anyway, my life went on and I moved around...a lot. I lived in New York, Orlando, Chicago and Prague before finally settling down in Alameda, CA. Alameda is a wonderful little island nestled on the Eastern side of the San Francisco Bay. From the day I first saw it I knew I had to live here. Something about it just spoke to me. It wasn't until a friend suggested that I write about a teenaged girl who loved Sherlock Holmes and wanted to become a detective that I understood why.

As I began to write about Tabitha her life and those of her fellow residents of the island exploded in my head fully-formed. I suddently could see and feel everything perfectly. The words flew from my fingers quicker than ever before. With Tabitha's story, I was finally able to finish a manuscript. I truly enjoyed writing the first book in the series, and have begun on the second story of Tab and her friends.

Not all of her adventures warrant a full-length novel, so I have also begun to write some short stories for her, which I will publish on her page here.

I also love kids. I had my first babysitting job when I was nine and still enjoy playing with young ones. Their minds are wonderfully imaginative and open to all sorts of possibilities. In addition to my nephews, there are two girls whom I had the privilege of babysitting when I lived in Chicago (Kathryn and Leah). At night, they would often ask me to make up a story, rather than read one from a book. Sometimes they would give me a word or two that I would then incorporate into a story on the spot, and other times something would begin to cook in my mind a week before I'd see them.

When I told one of those stories to my mom, she insisted that I write them down and try to get them published. I am doing so and I hope that you will be able to find the My Favorite Babysitter series in book stores in the near future.

Well, it is said that a good writer has to know when it's time to end the story, so I'll close this for now. Thank you for visiting my site. Feel free to peruse at your leisure. I welcome any comments from you, whether to critique my site or to simply say "Hello".

Take care,





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