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Map of Alameda Island

Here is the island of Alameda where Tabitha's adventures take place. Enjoy the photos of her home town.


Image of Street Tabitha Lives on

This is Tabitha's street. Cottage Street is only a block long between Santa Clara and Central. Central is my favorite street here in Alameda, so I wanted to choose a side street to Central so that Tabitha would be able to walk it when she came home from school every day.
This picture is looking down Park Street, heading toward the beach. The intersection is Park and Lincoln.
Image of Park Street
Second Image of Park Street
This is the other side of the Park/Lincoln intersection, facing the Oakland hills.
Central Avenue runs almost the entire length of Alameda. This is the western end. Further down, the street becomes canopied by the trees. It's lovely.
Image of Central Street in Alameda
Image of Webster St in Alameda
This is Webster Street, on the northwestern side of the island. The intersection here is Webster and Lincoln.
This is Lincoln, which also runs almost the entire length of the island, parallel to Central.
Image of Lincoln Street in Alameda
Image of Beach in Alameda
Here's a shot on Alameda's beach. Behind the surfers you can see Bay Farm Island, which is considered part of Alameda, even though it's only connected by a bridge.
Every summer Webster and Park Streets each have a couple street fairs where vendors and artists sell their wares. There are also musical performances, as shown by this photo of the Alameda Drum Corps...they're EXCELLENT!
Image of Alameda Drum Corps Performing at Webster St Fair
Image of Jet at Entrance to Alameda Point
This fighter jet marks the entrance to Alameda Point, the old Naval base.
These are some of the Naval ships that are docked near the USS Hornet.
Image of Naval Ships on Alameda Point
Image of USS Hornet at Alameda Point
This is the USS Hornet. Quite a powerful-looking ship, and a really cool museum.
A side view of the Hornet.
Image of USS Hornet at Alameda Point
Image of USS Hornet at Alameda Point
There are still some aircraft aboard the USS Hornet. Some sit atop the flight deck, as you can see.
Here's another shot of the flight deck with another jet parked. That's San Francisco's skyline in the background.
Image of USS Hornet Flight Deck at Alameda Point




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